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About Me

hacker, radiohead, noisemaker, bookworm, redhead, sailor, dreamer, shortguy, comic, geek

Those labels pretty much sum me up, with 'geek' being the most descriptive of them all. I am one who revels in all things technical and technological. Being myself a child of the 80's accounts for most of this, along of course with the encouragement of my parents and the technology they brought into my life.

In my professional life so far, I have principally worked in information technology (with a dash of web development and programming along the way) and radio communications.

I am an amateur radio operator (or "ham" as is commonly said). My interests primary exist in local and regional communication - perhaps one of these days I'll upgrade my license, get into HF, atmospheric skip, packet, etc. You can find me on the air as KG6SLY.

Other than my geeky interests, I am an avid sailor, and get out on the water whenever I can. I read a lot, mostly science fiction and historical sea and navy fiction, and one of my many idiosynchrasies is that I prefer a gold ol' fashioned hard-copy book (especially if they have that not-unpleasant book smell to them) to an e-reader.

About akardam.net

My website presence on the internet started off with a page on Geocities (ah, the follies of the 90's, and of youth). When I got into college and my technical acumem grew, I decided to start self-hosting, by way of a windows box running a piece of webserver software called Xitami.

Then, having decided it was high time to register my own domain, akardam.net was well and truly born. Originally housed on shared hosting (virtualhosts under apache), in the mid oughts I moved it onto a server on my home DSL.

In late 2009, with the fear that my DSL was going to be consumed by then-PacBell (a thing, as it turned out, I was able to avoid, but I digress), I started sniffing around for alternatives. Colocation was still quite pricey at the time, but a fortuitous set of circumstances brought me into contact with a small VMS organization, and I jumped into the fray of true hypervisor-based virtualization, where it remains today.

What does akardam mean?

When I was in high school, I played a simple computer game called "Begin2". Some folk may remember it. Anyways, it was basically a simple Star Trek starship simulator, though the graphics weren't at all fancy. You had triangles to represent your ships, and lines for shields. You issued commands to your ships and the other ships of your fleet via a command line (yay!). You had your choice of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan. One day I chose Romulan.

I needed a good name.

My last name is Acord, but family and historical lore has it spelled as Akard prior to the greater family making its way to the US in the mid 1800s, suffering some minor corruption due to poor commonality of language upon arrival. So, I took that, tacked an "am" onto the end of that...

Akardam. That sounds like a good solid Romulan name.

And that, as they say, was that.