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About Me

noisemaker, comic, redhead, shortguy, bookworm, hacker, geek, sailor, dreamer, whistler

Those labels pretty much sum me up, with 'geek' being the most descriptive of them all. I am one who revels in all things technical and technological. Being myself a child of the 80's accounts for most of this, along of course with the encouragement of my parents.

In my professional life so far, I have mainly worked in information technology (with a dash of web development and programming along the way) and radio telecommunications. If for some reason you'd like to know more about what I do and what I've done, feel free to drop me a line.

I am an amateur radio operator. My interests mostly lay in local and regional direct and repeater-network communications - I haven't yet been really interested in HF (the kind of radio that let's you bounce your signal long distances off the atmosphere to talk to someone continents away, all without infrastructure), or packet, or contesting, etc.

Other than my geeky interests, I am an avid sailor, and get out on the water whenever I can. I read a lot, mostly science fiction and historical sea and navy fiction, and really do prefer a real book to one of them e-reader gadgets (one of the few places in which I buck my otherwise tech-head nature).

About akardam.net

akardam.net was conceived of when I was in college. I had previously used Geocities to host my personal webpage, and then moved on to hosting it myself on a simple windows box running a webserver called Xitami, using dyndns.org. When I decided it was time to register my own domain name, akardam.net was born. Originally it was hosted on a virtual server (back when that meant just a single box running a bunch of sites in apache, as opposed to today's truly and widely available virtual computing). Very shortly thereafter, as the limitations of virtual hosting became apparent (and colocation was prohibitively expensive), I started self-hosting it on my home DSL connection, and there it has remained to the present day.

Here's some cute little icons. If you'd like to link to akardam.net, you can use the image on the left (please save it and host it yourself, as opposed to hotlinking, if at all possible). The image on the right was used when I used to host other people's sites - my main server is named Mike. It doesn't serve any purpose anymore, but it's just too quaint to let go - see, he blinks!

akardam.net - the ebTKS network   hosted by Mike

I also should take a moment to plug my favorite browser (and why not my favorite e-mail client while I'm at it). I must honestly say that even though I make a concerted effort to ensure cross-browser compatability, I still develop my site to look good in Firefox - if it looks OK in other browsers, I don't worry too much.

get firefox   get thunderbird

What does akardam mean?

When I was in high school, I played a simple computer game called "Begin2". Some of you may remember it. Anyways, it was basically a simple Star Trek starship simulator, though the graphics weren't at all fancy. You had triangles to represent your ships, and lines for shields. You issued commands to your ships and the other ships of your fleet via a command line (yay!). You had your choice of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan. One day I chose Romulan.

I needed a good name.

My last name is Acord, and when my family immigrated to the US in the mid 1800's, their name was Akard (which according to popular legend morphed into the former during the move to the new world). So, I took that, tacked an "am" onto the end of that and thought:

"Akardam. That sounds Romulan."

And it's stuck ever since :)