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Impres Single Unit Charger Display Hack - 4 Pin RJ11 Variant
v1.1 02/07/2007


Following in the footsteps of the inspired hack on the original Impres single unit charger here on the Batboard, here's how to do it on any of the newer chargers with a 4 pin RJ11 jack on the back.

When I got my Pro/Waris series single unit charger, I noticed it has a RJ10 jack on the back of the charging cup. "Interesting" I thought. A few minutes with the ol' multimeter showed me I was likely right.

This document covers the WPLN4182_ Pro/Waris single unit Impres charger, and the WPLN4208_ Jedi/XTS mobile Impres charger, so you'll have to have one or the other. You will also need a RLN5382_ display unit (with matching firmware, of course). Beg, borrow, steal, or create a RJ10 (4 pin, 4 slot, as opposed to RJ11, 4 pin 6 slot, telephone type) plug to go into the charger, and bring the pins out to your display module. Below is the pinout of the RJ10 plug.


This image shows the pinout looking at the contact side of the RJ10 plug (the tab is on the opposite side of the plug).

From left to right: White (Data), Blank, Black (Return), Red (Supply). These colors match the wiring from the display module.

Figure 1: 4-Pin Diagram

Action Shots

Figure 2: Display showing Pro charger with no battery inserted

Figure 3: Display showing Pro charger with standard battery inserted

Figure 4: Display showing Pro charger with Impres battery inserted (cowling removed to temporarily fit an XTS battery)

Figure 5: Display showing XTS Mobile charger Impres battery inserted

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