First of all, thanks to ME (for buying the RLN5382) and "THE MAN" for sitting down with his o-scope tonight and verifying the TTL data on the charger....and a big, big big TY to Terry.... without his high-res pics, couldn't have done it. Thanks TERRY!

Parts needed:

RLN5382 display board ($80ish)

Soldering iron, wire strippers, wire cutters

Once you get your RLN5382, cut the orange 3 pin header off the board

Strip and tin the wires on the RLN5382 - about 1/8" is plenty of exposed wire

crack open your impres charger (WPLN4111)

Solder wires to the spots indicated on your board

using wire cutters, snip out some plastic so you can safely route the cable out of the side of the charger

boot 'er up and git r done.