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Manual Lookup Table
 2nd Letter
 3rd Letter
A1976/2000 AJanuary
B1977/2001 BJanuary
C1978/2002 CFebruary
D1979/2003 DFebruary
E1980/2004 EMarch
F1981/2005 FMarch
G1982/2006 GApril
H1983/2007 HApril
J1984/2008 JMay
K1985/2009 KMay
L1986/2010 LJune
M1987/2011 MJune
N1988/2012 NJuly
P1989/2013 PJuly
Q1990/2014 QAugust
R1991/2015 RAugust
S1992/2016 SSeptember
T1993/2017 TSeptember
U1994/2018 UOctober
V1995/2019 VOctober
W1996/2020 WNovember
X1997/2021 XNovember
Y1998/2022 YDecember
Z1999/2023 ZDecember
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